Saturday, January 24

On track!

I am very much feeling like I've been on track minus one thing... consistent workouts but as far as eating goes.. I've been hitting 1200 to 1400 everyday using and of course their iPhone app... give me an iPhone app and I'm all over it LOL I love my iPhone.

Aunt flow showed up again this month but its done and I'm over it... feels like everyone is getting pregnant right now and I feel like we're closer and closer each month to getting the equation just right. One of my gf's joked about giving it the good old college try this month but I'd say that's a good analogy. Lots of baby dancing this month all month long and probably some OPK monitoring. I had scheduled a reflexology session but I got an email from another friend who owns the clinic and the reflexologist has to reschedule (its a sign.. I'm suppose to save that money for maternity clothes... makes sense don't you think?!)

I hope who ever is out there in internet land that follows this blog is having a great weekend.

I should also mention I bought this over a week ago and hope it arrives soon... looking forward to practicing yoga again. I'll keep you posted on how it goes and do a little review.

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