Friday, February 13


... about everything it seems lately. I can't wait to just work for the next 3 days on my own stuff.... on the tutorials for joomla, learning content management systems, cascading style sheets, search engine optimization and getting this new website build for my client who is opening her own yoga space March 2nd... so you can see there is a tight deadline. but its forcing me to take action and learn these new things that I've wanted to in order to update my skills since taking web design way back in 2001. I've been more focused on graphic and photography recently but updating my skills is really going to give me that boost to offer some awesome online solutions to existing and new clients! woohooo

And how sweet is this... my husband "you could just do the website in html and then do the joomla thing later, you know just in case its not coming together... you shouldn't be getting stressed out right now... that's not good"

So i had to promise him that if it wasn't coming together I would knock off the site in html (this would take me 4-5 hours max) AND then do it in joomla later.

I love him!

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