Friday, February 6


okay last night acupuncture hurt a bight... I can handle it but it surprised me since it didn't really the last time.... so why this time? Because of where I am in my cycle. I've either just ovulated or its coming very soon.

baby dust this way please... fingers crossed for this month. :-)

My sweet husband has been so great this month... I guess with the new year its clicked for him just how much he wants to get our family started to. He's been poppin' the fertilaid and he makes me laugh everyday... which keeps the stress away... sometimes talking about the "window"and "is the window still open".... a recent text converstation included talk about the window to which he also said "is the porch light still on?" and "is the circus still in town?" Love him! LOL


Christy said...

I'm crosing my fingers so badly they are starting to hurt!

It's so hard to keep the task of trying to conceive be fun and enjoyable for so long - without having it feel like only a task but it sounds like you and your hubby are doing a fantastic job of it! This may have posted twice, my computer went wonky, sorry if it did.

Malinda said...

thank you Christy! :-)