Tuesday, February 10

Weather imposed Vacation Day

It's one of those not so nice days that you can't see.... freezing rain, warnings of more to come.

So I had to decide, DH didn't want me on the roads (I have a 30 minute drive on a good day to work), if I called in sick (duh, she's faking its the weather), if I called in weather (oh dear the stress that would come with that - my boss is so understanding.. NOT!).... so I called in Vacation day.... this seemed to hold the least amount of stress for taking the day and nobody can fault me for that, since I'm using one of my hard earned vacation days... Kinda sucks but at the same time I get to spend the day in PJ's and work on all the stuff I really want to be working on.... client stuff and some tutorials I'm in the middle of about CMS, Joomla and SEO... techy geek girl web design stuff.

So its going to be a productive day of learning and crossing things off my to do list.... like this pile of filing I need to do... can't get that done from the office! I've already separated it into business and another pile/tray for personal/home. woohooo..... lol

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