Tuesday, February 3

in the thick of it

... another month of TTC

I have been very good at tracking my food etc and after my session w/my naturopath last week I was told to beef up the calorie intake to 1700/day as not to shock my body too much as we are TTC and I don't want my cycles to go all wacky. think I mentioned that last week.

I have another accupuncture session on Thursday!

Last night I actually came home, took a call from a client/friend briefly, then a quick walk with Daytona, weight lifting session, and then I did my yoga DVD... I didn't even think abou tit I just popped it in the DVD player and got down to my breathing and bending. I really think its helping me saty on track with everything else and keeping a level mood with regards to TTC.

I had the most wonderful photo session with my naturopath, her husband and their little guy, who is now 3 months old! He is just such a happy and content baby you can't help but smile looking at him. Since we have spent time together as couples hanging out, dinner and such my husband didn't have to hide away while we took pictures (focus was on just baby this time around) and they are dog lovers with two of their own so Daytona got to hang out too. He has always been good with the kids he's met before and it was nice to see him sniff this little guy and so obedient while I was shooting.

The first summer we had him we where getting ice cream at Kawartha Diary (I think Huntsville). Standing in the outside window line up there was a little tot who had obviously really enjoyed his ice cream and Daytona very carefully gave his stick hand a few licks... it was a pretty cute moment.

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