Tuesday, February 17

waiting to test...

...is so frustrating at times but more then anything today I just feel blah... I feel the need to be quite, reflective, grateful for what I do have.

This past weekend I was working at the computer for most of it while my husband painted our living room an awesome new brown/grey colour and even put a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen and all the trim on our main floor... the house feels so fresh and clean it just makes me want to finish organizing everything.

We have some acquired furniture we want to clear out and with this quarter's volunteer fire pay we've decided to get a new couch! Which is exciting... the livingroom will be completely done minus maybe a couple more prints for the walls, a second ikea shelve for the other side of the tv stand and a new lamp maybe. I have that urge to purge, purge, purge and clear things out so our house continues to keep working for us. We've been in our house 3 years now and even though 3 years ago we probably would have thought we'd be moving in another couple of years... I'm quite content to just stay put. It was A LOT of work to get into our first home and as soon as we did the value of our home shot up $40,000... we'd like a little more yard room but we have a great deck that could just be made a little better, we're on a dead end street, there's a park down the street, a little room for a swing set out from and someday if we finish the top deck we'd have a little sancuary at the back of our home just for us. Its dd our house is build into a hill and from the top floor you can walk out a back door to a weed infested yard about 8 feet deep that runs the lenght of our house.

anyways who knew this would become a post about the house. hun?! lol

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