Thursday, April 23

Another look

So here where the hopes I've kept posted to the right of my blog here.

I thought it might be a good time to reevaluate where I'm at now that its almost May.

... for a wonderful round belly in 2009 and a happy healthy baby to follow
- my instinct is to type FAIL here but I know that wouldn't be right. No baby in 2009 so onto the next step so we can make sure we have a baby to hold in our very own arms before the end of 2010.

... to make a daily walk with Daytona just part of my routine
- just bad, bad, bad... we have been on a handful of walks recently. but with spring finally in full swing it's time to really push this one and get out there... good for both of us.

... to arrive to work on time, make that before 8:30 not at 8:30
- surprisingly good at this, although I had a short laps for awhile and was late this morning but whatever.. it's my birthday and I'm suffering from some serious cramps.

... to put all my small business funds into paying down our debts and then tucking it away for new photography equipment
- I've been putting a lot of what does come in into advertising, networking efforts, not print that just doesn't work for my small biz but more photography in other locations and a gift card program started as well.

... to continue planning our weekly dinners/lunches, shopping with a list for the week ahead and eating dinner at the table with my most awesome husband
awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! we're so good at this. And my sweet husband usually prepares the list Sunday morning while I get to sleep in then we do the grocery shopping and then I come home to make a nice breakfast.

... to omit procrastination from my vocabulary
FAIL - the book is still sitting on my bookshelf in my office.... :-( LOL

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