Tuesday, June 20

A few wedding pictures. We'll consider these "before" shots in terms of measurable weightloss. These are just afew of my favourites. As a photographer I had to search for 6 months before I found a photographer that not only was I happy with the quality of their work but they came back to me with a price I was willing to pay and yes I wanted all the digital files included in that price. Alas we found Pam at a k-w bridal show and I couldn't be happier with the pictures she and her assistant took.

During the ceremony
Mom (in blue), officiant, flower girl, maid of honour - my sister, us, & our best man

Pictures at Mill Race Park after the ceremony and all the family grouping pictures which was close to torture as a photographer and not being the one giving the direction! lol

Our beautiful little flower girl who it turned out was completely taken with my sister. The flower girl is also the best man's daughter.

Bridal party

Thanks to all our family and friends for making
it such an amazing and special day!

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