Thursday, April 23

Happy Birthday to ME!

31, oh crap 31!

For some reason this number is a big deal, its another year under my belt sans baby.

(I just read my post last year.. love keeping a blog and I was definatly excited about the big 3-0 and no mention of babies. interesting)

I hope that in a few short months I will have answers as to why we haven't conceived yet and what we can do or need to do to change that... I hope with all my heart that by my 32nd birthday I will be watching my belly grow or taking on those early months of becoming a new parent.

I hope that my business will be thriving as I work to build my brand and my customer base and if somehow I found myself no longer working at this place I rely on for my full-time income I'd be quite pleasantly surprized as I've relied too much recently on this idea of leaving here via a mat leave.

This year will be another extended long weekend at the lakehouse/cottage and instead of my sister visiting it will be my Nanny. I think I will watch Juno again this weekend (haven't watched it in such a long time) and some other chic flicks of sorts, head out on the dune buggie and rip through some puddles, learn how to use the chainsaw so I can make some extra trails and relax.

So far today I've received these beautiful roses from my most awesome friend in Halifax who I've known just shy of 20 years!!! Crazy!! Love her so much.

And one of the girls from work made me this yummy tolberone cheesecake which we ate with plastic knifes as there where no forks or spoons left in the office kitchen LOL... holy crap it was good, but my tummy is acking now :-( Can't wait to get out of this office chair for the day!!!

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Christy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I truly hope all your wishes come true this year.

And that cake sounds DIVINE.