Thursday, April 30

he's coming too

my DH is coming with me to my appointment tomorrow... the whole tug of too much pressure vs. just back off has been a tricky balance at times for us so I didn't want to force him but hoped like hell that he'd come with me. If anything just for fear that some tests that could be done wouldn't be done until we/he had completed the SA test. So we'll see what tomorrow brings.

I'm optimistic and hopeful. Nervous that he might just tell me to loose weight but know that I have done what I can to keep myself healthy with my naturopaths guidance, its a work in progress... maybe I have thyroid issues?... time will tell. I trust our family doctor very much. We haven't spent a ton of time in his office but his reputation in our town is very good. He's also a friend of our chiropractor's and he even commented on how lucky we where to get in with him. And when my DH hurt his knee we saw the chiropractor before we got in to see the doctor. Chiro wrote down what he thought it was and told DH give the doc his diagnosis after he made his... doc said... yeah he was write but it doesn't make him any better of a hockey player. lol

I have a cold/flu thing happening. Spent yesterday in bed... ALL day. Back to work today but just feeling ick. All my joints hurt... all of them and I'm sneezing lots, bit of a fever etc.


Christy said...

I'm sorry you're so sick! I find our bodies get weak with the change of the seasons - especially this change of hot to cold back to hot weather.

Good luck tomorrow! Is this your family doctor? At least you are going (like you said) knowing what you have done to try to make this work rather than walking in without much input. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Malinda said...

it is our family doctor... figure this is the best place to start after already going through everything else with the naturopath.

Thanks Christy! I'm hoping the appointment will be followed by some blood work or something so I feel like we're really getting going... you know? lol

I'll post at some point Friday afternoon with an update.