Tuesday, March 9

doctor on Thursday now...

I'm feeling a little "why the hell am I going?" now that I've finally spoken to the fertility clinic and they told me not to worry... no clomid this month and again next is fine. We'll be giving an IUI a go + clomid in April so back to see Wandy I go! great.

So is there anything I should be asking the doctor about? Maybe some other tests we might run in the meantime? Hoping to get some feedback on our possible success with IUI... I know he can't get my hopes up be considering what we know now I guess I'd just like some comfort in knowing this is the best root for us to go with next.

Acupuncture tonight and tomorrow to see if we can make ovulation happen right around or before CD 11 when I leave for NB and won't be home until CD 15... not great timing on my part for this trip but whatever... it is what it is. Maybe I'm suppose to get knocked up in April and it's my birthday gift! An infertile girl can hope right?!

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