Thursday, March 4

no doctor today

just got a call and his receptionist asked to reschedule me... so now I'm suppose to see him tomorrow at 9:30am...

so ladies... does it matter if I just don't take clomid this cycle? I'm not going to be home for the window of opportunity anyways so will it matter if a skip this month instead of the prescribed doctors order of having to skip it after taking it for 3 months.. I'd be skipping it after 2 months.

does it matter?


Fertility Chick said...

To be completely honest, I don't know. I would *think* it would be okay - but I'm not sure why doc's like having you on it for at least 3 mths first.

I'm curious now though - so if you do find out, let me know!

PS - my word verification for this post was: papped! I'm giggling like an idiot. :)

Malinda said...

forgot to tell you the fertility clinic told me not to worry about not taking it this month and can skip and use it in April if we don't knock ourselves up this month which likely we won't... lol