Tuesday, March 2

my head hurts...

Today I'd like to just shut down and crawl back under the covers and wait to start over again tomorrow.

AF arrived this morning... had some spotting pretty much all day yesterday and when she's been showing up so regularly when of course I'd rather she didn't I can't help but throw my arms in the air... "figures" ... I mean really what else should I expect?

So Dr. appointment on CD 3 and thankfully just the right timing because I don't want to do clomid in March... because of course when I'm away in less then a couple weeks it's also baby making time and yeah my DH isn't coming with me. So let's just fast forward to April.. I'm hoping April will hold an IUI + clomid so we can get this parenthood show on the road.

And I know it shouldn't matter but any infertile will sympathize... this means no baby in 2010 for us.


Fertility Chick said...

:( Damn that AF. I'm sorry - and I can relate to the feelings of no 2010 baby. But I am hopeful that April will bring good things! Thinking about you.

Malinda said...

it just seems absolutely incomprehensible that at the end of a cycle I would get anything else but my period... I mean seriously how does anyone end up pregnant to begin with?!!!!

thanks for checking in though :-)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. That sucks about AF. I'm so sorry. :( She should just stay away when she's not wanted!!

Fertility Chick said...

"How does anyone end up pregnant to begin with?!" -- I have totally asked myself that question many, many times!! Honestly, I have no clue!! :)

Hang in there!!