Friday, March 12


So far so good and I haven't even left Ontario yet!

It's yuck rain down here today but when I arrived at economy park n fly I was told it was full but here's a free upgrade for VALET... thank you very much park n fly!

As I was getting closer and closer to Toronto it is starting to hit me that there really is this new little person that I just can't wait to meet. That I'm actually finally on my way and the 7/8 week wait for this day is in it's final hours. Tonight it'll be TO to Ottawa and Ottawa to Halifax to be greeted by my friend and practiacally big sister before we set out on a road trip for Freder.icton tomorrow. It's going to be a great trip... probably to fast and sorta busy but will feel better then just a couple days off.

Waited for the doctor yesterday for 80 minutes. He delivered twins that afternoon so he was running behind schedule. Every woman in that place was pregnant (even the nurse practitioner following him around) but I did great.

He was very encouraging that IUI would be the way to go and I'm feeling excited and more confident that 2010 really does hold so much hope for us to finally be able to let the world know it's our turn and we're gonna have a baby!!

Happy weekend everyone! And thank you for reminding me to turn to Twitter and this blog when I might need you most this weekend. Just knowing there are people out there that get how difficult this could makes it a thousand times easier :-)

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