Tuesday, May 25

CD 13 - IUI + clomid + HCG

it's that time again....

u/s this morning showed my right ovary has a whooping 24mm folli and a 19 coming along. The left side... another 19 and 15 too... the RN actually said to me... are you opposed to twins? My reply "hell no, let's just get it done!" lol

So I'm still waiting for "the" call about what time the iui will happen exactly but all looks good, got the HCG shot again too.

In comparison to last cycle on CD 13 it was my left ovary that had 1 mature follicle at 20mm on the same day but nothing else over a 13mm on either side. I did get the HCG CD 13 but the IUI happened on CD 14. No idea what tomorrow will bring when I go back for another u/s... maybe a second IUI just to be sure? We'll see. Of course at this point I'm just taking this 1 hour at a time until I hear from the clinic.

I feel really good... just at peace, laid back after a great weekend with family and my husband and over all pretty content.

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