Monday, May 3

Manic Monday - Week 1

It's my first time to participate in Sarah's awesome and fabulous....

Manic Monday Button

So here we go....

My husband is up before I am so when I wake up this is who's sleeping beside me.

Being sucky and hoping, I'm sure, that he doesn't have to spend the day in the garage... trust me he's fine in there as is our house.

30 minute drive to work in another city
(done as hands free and safe as possible, promise)

At work and delving into emails from behind my cubicle walls

Adding a detail or two from the weekend to currently 4 dpo(iui) and trying to keep distracted.

3 tradeshow booths arrived back from a couple of US shows. One of my many responsibilities is booking and packing things up for each show that each department attends... we're past the thick of it now for the 2010 tradeshow season. Thank goodness!

firing through a quick edit from yesterdays photo sessions to post a sneak peek for my clients - this is not f/t job related but for my own small business :-) which keeps me sane!

Gorgeous sky above as I left the office

a treat after a long day home alone. I love having him around... he's such a character and keeps us laughing everyday! and then....

Daytona waits, watches for my husband

mindless tv while i read some blogs via my iPhone

sorting through some bills - urgh! preparing for a mortgage renewal in a few months, probably clean up a few debts too. fun, fun.

and this is what I'll be listening to within the hour as I drift off to la la land. circle+bloom fertility meditation... hoping first iui attempt sticks *fingers are crossed* :-)


Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Thanks for joining!! You know I have taken driving pictures a couple times, but I've been scared to post them INCASE I could some how get a ticket!! Of course I have my face plastered on my blog, so I get a little paranoid I could get in trouble or fined! LOL!
Love the sky picture! Gorgeous!
Good luck with the iui! I hope it sticks too! :)

Malinda said...

Thanks Sarah!

I think I was more worried about someone leaving a mean "are you crazy to drive and snap" comment then to get in trouble with the law... that said it is actually against the law here in Ontario to be using your hands for anything other then driving.