Thursday, May 27

My hopes for 2010 (revisited)

So as I did last year I'm just checking in with my hopes for 2010 as I know have almost a full 5 months under my belt this year.

My Hopes for 2010

... continue with my weekly small business meeting with 3 other women as we support each other to grow our business and tackle this list of things we always want and mean to do but never seem to get to. Putting the procrastination book and fast track phototog book on the list of tasks with this group so they'll keep me accountable

Having this small group of women to call back on and keep myself accountable for so many things that might otherwise fall off my radar has been so fantastic on so many levels... not just professionally but also emotionally. I don't even know that I have the words to express my appreciation for them in my life.... but I still have not finished those two books.

... want to purchase a new camera body and at least 2 lens

Nope not yet. So much of the extra funds have been swallowed up by credit cards payments and fertility treatments that until we renew the mortgage this fall and the expenses start to level out the money needs to go to these two things and not against new equipment just yet.

... I will keep up my yoga classes at the studio twice a week and a third class on Saturday morning whenever possible

pretty good overall... was doing 3 to 4 classes until I started up with the iui stuff. now I've been taking it a little easier... getting rest when I think I need it and not filling up my time after work so much. But I know I should really be walking more when I'm not hitting as many yoga classes

... to honour the importance Daytona plays in our lives. He provides us so much comedic relief on a daily basis he deserves a good play or walk as much as possible. When I think about a maternity leave I think about not having to leave him all day

he is the apple of our eye and he's been loving playing at the dog park again now that it's no so messy and cold outside. he's so exhausted from our weekend at the cottage with everyone... didn't stop much all weekend long. lol

... emotional eating... continue taking steps, however slowly, to make changes in my relationship with food

I'm aware and doing what I can without making it a huge issue at the moment. sometimes my strength wins and sometimes it looses but I'm ok with it being that way right now. I don't feel that my eating has been as extreme as it has been in the past. February we did amazing and cut out all the junk and sugar for an entire month. So I know in my mind that it can be done!

I see 2010 holding a big change in terms of my job... the company is a little shaky and I'm either going to find myself on mat leave by this time next year OR striking out on my own again with my small business. Ultimately this has always been the goal... the job was to get the mortgage and then a mat leave we just didn't think it would take this long to get pregnant... that said I can't help but believe that everything truly does happen for a reason. Now that I'm being more active in my business and making it grow again and taking control of the things that left me blind to how well my business was or wasn't doing (hello! bookkeeping done for 2009 already and not in april 2010!).

Feeling more on track then I ever have when it comes to growing my small business. there is a timeline that's been developing over the last couple of weeks. As we take on iui's and mortgage renewal and the lack of a pregnancy in our lives just yet. I feel more and more that until something shifts with this job I'm in I might never really be able to get that BFP that I've spent so much time running after. So I'll stay put for now and wait for mortgage renewal this fall and we'll probably clean up some debts at the same time and then I'll start to tackle the possibility of finding 1 or 2 part-time jobs that will use my skill set in web/graphic design, just to keep my foot in the "employee" side of things and that will leave me with so much more time to keep building my business and put all the exciting marketing ideas and plans into motion so my business continues to flourish right along with the life we want for ourselves.

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