Wednesday, August 2

Day 2

7:30am - cereal + strawberries + skim milk - 5pts
11:30am - p. yogurt + 1/2 banana + flaxseed - 2.5pts
2:00pm - whole wheat bun + dijon + spinach + lean ham - 5pts
3:30pm - small nectarine - 0.5pts
4:30pm - 10 almonds - 2pts

5:30pm - cheese + lean s. meat - 4pts
7:30pm - ceasar salad + roasted chicken - 6pts
8:30pm - handful of chocolate chips - 1pt

Total Points: 26pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Workout consisted of moving all the crap from our little student apartment (in the works) to the garage and all the stuff in the furnace room to the garage or other places through out the house - 2 hours all together. Not a sweat like TJ but I wasn't sitting on the couch all night either.

Wow does that ever look like alot of food! The biggest thing for me has always been breakfast and letting my body go too long without food. So far so good!

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