Saturday, August 5

Day 5

Today my step mom and I went to Kempenfest, a rather large waterfront festival with hundreds of booths set up by artists displaying they're art, jewelry, wood work, paintings, photography, clothing etc. etc. for sale. We last about 2 hours by the time we found parking and got back out of town again. While we enjoyed the day my dad and husband where at the house working on the student apartment. It's getting there. Dad wants to spend one more day on it and then they're planning on heading home tomorrow so they can get a one days rest before the work week starts as Monday is a holiday.

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
1:30pm - roast beef n' cheddar whole wheat wrap + l. fat strawberry smoothie - 9pts

7:30pm - sausage + salad + corn + potatoes - 10pts
9:00pm - ice cream + strawberries - 5 pts

Total Points: 29.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

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