Tuesday, August 8

Day 8

Ah yes........ back to work............ lucky me!

So on Friday considering it was pretty quite here at work I decided to bring in my balance/body ball whatever they call it. And that's what I've been using instead of a chair. I can definitely feel my body working harder on the ball then just lazing in my chair. I feel better about having to sit here all day long when it's on the ball vs. the chair. Feel like my body is working and it's going to benefit me in the long run. I wish I had of done this sooner but of course I worried what people would say and yes I did run into lots of laughs and snickers on Friday but today not so much, everyone is back to minding their own business while I get to put in 8 hours of core work! woohoo. Now of course my supervisor isn't back from her holiday so we'll see what kind of snide remarks I get from her tomorrow but over all now that people see that I haven't fallen off the ball and whipped out even the ladies upstairs said they'd like to give it a try!

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
12:30pm - salad (no dressing) + sliced turkey - 1pt

2:30pm - p. yogurt + blueberries + flaxseed - 2.5pts
4:30pm - JUNK + GARBAGE - 20pts
7:30pm - salad + steak - 8pts

Total Points: 37 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

For those of you who are WW savy and wondering how I came up with 24 to 29pts per day I just took my extra alottment of points for wach week (35) and added that to my daily points count as not to make myself more frustrated with the counting and trracking stuff.

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