Thursday, August 3

Day 3

My dad and step mom arrived today around noon. So far the plumbing is done in our little student apartment and tomorrow while my husband and I are at work they'll be continuing with the work. We both feel a little guilty that we're at work while they're renovating but at the same time I know my dad and he'll likely get where he wants to be with less help faster. He did say tonight he's exactly on track with where he thought he'd be with the project so that's awesome. I'm sure by the end of the weekend we'll be ready to slap on the paint and then over the next couple of weeks put the finishing touches on the place. Hang shelves, lights, finish the built-in bed etc.

7:15am - cereal + strawberries + skim milk + green tea- 5pts
10:30am - p. yogurt + strawberries + flaxseed - 2.5pts
1:30pm - cucumber + cherry tomatoes + olive oil + lean turkey- 3pts
3:30pm - small nectarine - 0.5pts
5:30pm - 10 almonds - 2pts

8:30pm - bbq chicken breast + salad w/olive oil, vinager dressing + 1/2 slice rye bread - 8

9:00pm - green tea

Total Points: 21pts
(allowed 24-29/day)


irish_robbie said...

Hey Mina!!!

I know ALL about starting over and falling "off the wagon" so to speak! Believ me, that's how I ended up at 258pounds last year! Don't let it get you down though, because by the looks of things you had one kick butt week!

Just take it one day at a time and IF you do have a less than wonderful day, just MAKE SURE the next day kicks butt. If you follow that mentality, the WORST that can happen is having one bad day in a row! ;)

I think you're going to do wonderful and I am excited for you!

I'm still waiting for a drop in to my Turbo Class in Toronto!!

Next week we head to California for the weekend to Turbo Camp and I am SUPER excited! The week after I get back I have a feeling that I'll have even MORE energy!!! YEEE!!

anyways, you keep it going!! I'll check back soon!!


Mina said...

Thanks Robbie! I appreciate you stopping by. I hope to make it to TO to check out a class sooner then later. I'll let you know.

Can't wait to see lots of turbo camp pictures. Have a kick butt time!

M :-)