Sunday, August 6

Day 6

Sent to the waterfront again to make sure the dog (dad's dog) got a good swim. The waves where knocking him around so it didn't take long for him to get tired out. Then is was time for more website updates to my step mom's site. She's an artist and every 6 months we do a big update to her website of all her most recent paintings. Very exciting as she's started to sell a few with her most recent display at a law firm in Hamilton. And of course one more days work for dad and husband on the apartment. We had another superb lunch/dinner on the deck overlooking the neighborhood and valley below. Our house is weird the way it sits up on the hill, kind of like big brother of the neighborhood and we can see well past the houses that surround us.

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
4:30pm - bread + meats + cheese + dip + veggies - 14 pts
9:00pm - nibbles most of the evening - 10 pts

Total Points: 29.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

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