Friday, April 11

And now we wait. The waiting is always killer, so I need to keep myself super busy and distracted. What is kind of exciting is that my test date is my birthday, my 30th birthday. How amazing would it be to learn on my 30th birthday that I'm pregnant!?!!!!

I added OPK test strips to our trying to conceive efforts this month and I went back and checked how many months out of the last 7 we actually "tried" and its 4 months, not the last 7 so how can I be discouraged by that?! It's not a lot, its not like we have been trying for 12 consecutive months.

My reflexology session was so amazing last week and I made a point of visualizing what our little one might look like, saw my husband sleeping on the couch with him/her sleeping on his chest, saw myself sitting in bed with our baby in my lap, held up nose to nose, saw my husband coming home anxious to hold him/her - such an amazing smile on his face, not far from the expression he shares with me at the end of each day and I saw us spending time on the waterfront, walking, strollering along and weekends playing at the cottage, him/her a toddler running around and giggling and big hugs for my dad and step mom. Before the session even began she said you are ready, I can feel your energy and you are ready to become a mom so don't doubt yourself. It was so reassuring to hear that.

I should mention that I use to track my cycle and our trying to conceive (TTC) efforts.


Christy said...

I don't know what else to say except tell you my eyes watered when I read your post.

You ar right, 4 months isn't that long but I also know how when you make the decision to try and get pregnant how badly you want it right away.

I have a friend who just ordered the ovulation kits and this is her first month trying!

Good luck, I honestly believe with most things it's mind over matter, you are in such a great headspace to be able to visualize your life with a baby. I'm a sap and believe in teh book "The Secret" and its all about thanking the universe for things before you get them....i'll be crossing my fingers for you.

Malinda said...

best advice I can give to your friend is to follow directions to a T but also when times gets closer to expected ovulation 2/3 days before 'O' start testing twice a day as you could miss the LH surge letting you know 'O' is coming in the next 12-48 hours. Mine say you can test between 10am and 10pm.

And I love the secret too, I bought it on itunes so I can listen to it. I would love to take Kjarlune Rae workshop in Calgray about Manifestation, she has a radio show Sunday nights too.