Monday, April 28

What a great weekend. Lots of relaxing, fresh air and time with my husband, sister, dad and step mom.... pure perfection! Although I was pretty lazy, my sister and I both where. Dad wanted us to paint the bucket on the dump truck be we didn't think it was a good idea.

"sister, step mom, dad and of course, my brother Brandy" :-)

"truck bucket did get painted by my dad and step mom"

Sat. afternoon we took off and went into town for a little shop. Great little downtown... Hanover!

We watched movies, Jamie drove the tractor all over the place and built a road, flower bed, spread a bunch of gravel out and top soil too. He bottom was a little numb from sitting in the tractor all day but he loves it, says its better then playing with Tonka trucks. LOL We went for walks, sat out on the veranda, played with the doggies. Just a perfect weekend!

"he's so happy to be in Hanover"

more pictures posted to flickr

B: strawberries
L: leftovers (portobello mushroom, potato and steak)
S: large banana
D: curried chicken thighs w/peppers, onions and sweet potatoes
S: who knows, tea, hopefully nothing

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