Wednesday, April 30

I'm going to take an inventory this weekend of all the books and DVD's I own. I don't know why... well maybe to keep me from buying anymore. LOL Maybe just one more though...

I look up the emotional eating book green girl suggested. Totally makes sense to look in this direction to better myself, eating habits etc. And here's the website I'll do a little more research on the author but so far I like what I see. Thank you Green Girl!!!

1: ww toast (128) + peanut butter (95) + s.milk (86)
2: yogurt (110) + strawberries (65)
3: 2 hard boiled eggs (150)
4: salad (66) + pork chop (239) + dressing (180)
5: 2 slices roast beef (deli) (14) + 5 strawberries (65)
6: side salad (66)+ 1 tbsp. dressing (90) + home made hamburger helper style pasta dish (320?)

Total: 1674

- pictures of product for work (leaving early, thank god!) (check)
- walk with Daytona
- circuit (got me new DVD with Jillian Michaels... it was a perfect 20 minute intense workout) (check)
- clean up livingroom for photo shoot tomorrow night (check)

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