Friday, April 18

I am so disappointed.

Yesterday when I got home and let Daytona out for a run my neighbor came over for a chat. She asked how long of a walk our dog walking service was suppose to be taking Daytona for.... I told her they leave us a note and it usually says 30 to 45 minutes on it. Well it turns out that's not happening, sometimes it does but for the most part its a 5-10 minute to the mail box three houses down and back. This is unacceptable! we pay $150/month for this service and that's discounted by $50 bucks cause they are friends of ours, alright we don't hang out on weekends or anything but they aren't people (husband/wife team) that we would have ever thought would pull something like this. To take advantage of our good nature this way and it hurts Daytona too. A mid-day visit of 5 minutes with a little walk is not fair, if anything it just gets him all worked up and back in the garage he goes for the rest of the day. The whole purpose of us hiring them was to give him a chance to get some energy out and break up his day until we arrived home again.

So the plan is I'm going to keep quite about what we know and just bluff and tell them we can't afford it anymore. Our neighbor who brought this to my attention also has a small dog and she's home all day (both neighbors to our right are home all day and they both noticed the same things). She offered to give him some time out of the garage in her fenced in backyard... so we're going to give that a try. She didn't ask for money but I'm going to pay her the same as I was paying them and I know Daytona will have company for the better part of the morning or afternoon.

Jamie is so disappointed because it would seem that inevitably his friends disappoint him or take advantage of him etc. And man the guilt that we are feelin' .... just awful. But a real wake up call for me to smarten up and get a walk in every single night, he deserves that and since hiring the walking service I've been slacking. I took Daytona for a really great walk last night. I just hate thinking about him getting his hopes up and then its a little 5 minute to the mailboxes and back.

Look at this face, how can you not love him to bits and give him all he deserves.*Little Daytona background. He was abandoned in Kitchener around a month old. Rescued by the Humane Society of KW where he had lots of shots and pediatric neutering before we found him online and rushed to Kitchener the following day hoping we would be approved for his adoption. It was March and we got to take him home that day!!!! He weighed about 15 lbs and he's now about 15months (38lbs) and full on puppy energy still but so obedient and wanting to please. He goes just about everywhere with us other then to work... well actually he goes with Jamie to work some Saturday mornings during the winter when Jamie had to blow snow, he loves riding in the big tractor there and at my dad's place in Hanover. He loves Gwen Stefani music, veggies, sleeping on the bed in the guest bedroom, playing with his (fur) uncle Brandy and chilling with us at night.

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