Tuesday, April 1


love April... new beginnings... spring is finally in sight... birthday countdown (and its a big one 3-0)... my mom is coming to visit... then my sister too.

Work has been crazy, why go into detail though it'll just confuse people. I seriously work for the most "gifted" of all family run businesses, a family run business that likes to spend money on outside sources vs. paying their employees more appropriately, especially when said employee can do the work herself.

Got the journal, haven't started writing in it. Eating has been okay, getting in lots of water and spending time purging and cleaning my home. I seem to do this when I'm setting myself up for another run at weight loss. I tidy the house, good cleaning, organize things, put everything in its place, purge whatever I possibly can. Although this is also due to pending visits from family. lol

Weekend was great... we splurged a little and picked up the new tv stand and large bookcase for our living room from IKEA we've had our eye on for awhile. Again trying to minimize & organize. This makes my husband very happy! lol

Next up is the garage, I have minimized the stuff I've carted around in the last 10+ years but I know I can do more. I'm going to go through what is out there and purge some more and try and take some pictures of things for memories sake and then send it onto goodwill. I have narrowed down the childhood memory box to 2 rubbermaids but its the cases of negatives from my time at Sheridan College and projects mounted on press board, if it isn't hanging in my livingroom I really should just let it go. After that's done I want to move onto the master bedroom. Purge more from our closet and install a closet organizer so I can get rid of a dress and open up that area some more as I use it as my workout area, usually, we also have the elliptical there and it's taking up more room then I would have imagined.

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