Friday, July 4

Even though we are "taking a break" the thought still tugs at my mind.... the window is approaching... I'm not going to burden my dh with that though, we are after all "taking a break" if it happens it happens but I'd be lying if i didn't admit its still on my mind. I still think about being a mom, about pregnancy and what that will look like for us.

I'm keeping up with my traditional Chinesse meds/herbs/supplements (whatever) and taking 17 pills a day! for what you ask? 12 of those are the same and are to assist my cycle, there are 4 different ones and each bottle is taken at different points throughout my cycle (i.e. PMS support days 1 to 5 or follicular support days 6 to 11 and so on) + 2 multi/stress vitamin that is suppose to help my body manage stress better or how stress effects my body + 2 omega3s + 1 folic acid

no word on the p/t job yet... I've decided for now I'm not going to follow up just because I do know the woman that would be my boss and I know that when a decision is made I will know about it. It took almost a month for the interview to be set up so it will take some time. Everything happens for a reason after all.

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