Thursday, July 10

My inspiration for this post came from reading Alli's post today and then what came out of me as I left a comment.

I'm not going to try another diet
I don't really care what the number on the scale says
What I'm focusing my attention on right now is me... me as a whole person and the emotional baggage I've been carrying around for the last 10 years or so. Do I have a ton of work to do with my new therapist... NO not really but there are things that are getting in my way without me really realizing what's happening. I need to focus on my relationships with people and making sure I don't give so much of myself that there is nothing left for me! And in doing that I know that the self I once was will return. I'll regain the ambition, motivation and energy I once had and when those things come back the shape of my body will change and find its way back to that 170/175 I was so easily able to maintain.

And I know according to some that's still overweight but for me I know its where my body was happy, I was happy and I felt good and confident in myself. When I get back there maybe it will be time for more change but until I get back to that person I'm going to stop beating the crap out of myself emotionally.


Christy said...

If you go private, remember me!

And I think this is a wonderful post and I was very happy to read it. Your mental well being should be your number one focus now, who cares waht the scale says. Plus, I truly believe one closely accompanies the other, once you have the one under control the other will follow.

Kisses and hugs

Cat_82 said...

Good for you! I think that's an awesome goal (that's my goal too) and you have such a great attitude.....

I'm here with you for the ride...