Monday, March 31

you know how you had friends from school and then slowly but surely you loose touch but still now and then you try and cross paths??? and usually its great and you spend an whole day or evening catching up and then you're good and life goes on.

I don't know why exactly but a lot of the friends I made in school where people that needed me for one thing or another then and then it was see you later. when I needed them they usually weren't there.

Do you remember how for your birthday your friend(s) would decorate you're locker? I always went all out for my closest friends I'd even bake something, cake/cupcakes, bring the video camera for the day. Just fun! For my birthday one year I was really hoping my "best friend" would do that for me, decorate my locker.... but no... nothing....until the end of the day as she was rushing to catch her bus she handed me a piece of paper "Happy Birthday" on it and basically said sorry she didn't have time to put it on my locker. Ah sweet memories!

Why the walk down memory lane?

Last week one of my gf from high school emails me to ask if she can come visit! I think wow, so exciting people want to come visit me this month (birthday) especially since its the big 3-0 this year.

she wanted to come next weekend.. I have two photo shoots on the Saturday but still I was thinking this is good, its been so long great to catch up even though it will be crazy busy. I've emailed her what I have that weekend and what I could do (can't take time off work but... and so on)

Then I don't hear from her for a day, next day I email, well??

her reply:
I just need you Friday night, Sat (when you're done photoshoots) and Sunday then to the airport.
If not doable or too rushy I can catch you next time I'm in town!

I'm thinking, you just need me? you mean you don't want to see me, you just need me. I should mention at this point that she has said she's trying to stay with a gf in TO and then with me in order to "save the company money on hotel costs"

So I'm thinking.... yeah this isn't going to work

my reply:
we'll try to cross paths next time maybe, need more notice, weekends book up this time of year.

her reply:

I haven't seen you in 4 years, a handful of phone calls and emails and you want me to foot the bill on gas/food etc in order to save your company some money????

I'm disappointed but unfortunately not at all surprised.

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