Tuesday, November 10

another cycle - hello wandy

so Af arrived again on Sunday... I'm pretty much over it... no tears or anything waahooo! **high 5's all around** (have you figured out I'm a little sarcastic at times?) but seriously no tears just on with the show.

This month is kinda exciting I think as today I started my first ever cycle monitoring. I meet Wandy. Having experienced such a miserable HSG I wasn't entirely sure this was something I wanted to do but it was easy peasy... the RN even gave me the clip board and told me to write down the numbers so I was completely distracted from her rolling the thing around. Saw my uterus and ovaries... it's all kind of a blur but i remember that the uterus looked good, she measured my ovaries since it was my first time (presume these where ok too) and I have 2 follicals measuring 7mm each (but I couldn't tell you what side? are they suppose to have sides? will be googling that later this afternoon).

I feel somehow empower by the experience. It feels good to have these things coming back normal so long as I don't dwell on the "well why aren't I pregnant part". I'll be back on CD 10 next Tuesday and then those results will determine when I have to go back again. I'm also wearing the ov watch again this month (5th month) and I'm really curious to see how the cycle monitoring and the ov watch results compare. Will the watch get the 'O' day right? We shall see.

Also this month... the first appointment with Dr. HSG who will be my doctor from here on out as far as I know. I call him Dr. HSG cause that's the first time I met him. That's coming up on the 19th (CD 12)

We have a lot on our plates at the moment. My BIL has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (stage to be determined this week). He has 1 very large mass on his chest and one in his groin. Also on the list for the DR. HSG appointment... what tests should my husband be going for as well to make sure there isn't something that's lingering we don't know about. So that's fucking scary. My DH mom had Hodgkin's when the boys where younger but even my DH doesn't remember exactly how old she was. Her mass was on her neck though and she has been in remission for years. BIL is 30 and DH 32. Do any of you have experience in this area? Do you know what screening can be done? Is there only blood work?

I am so worried for my BIL and also his fiance... yes fiance... they just bought their first home together and had a wedding date set for May and now they aren't really sure what to do. I've told her to please lean on me if she needs to. BIL is one of the strong silent types, the whole family doesn't really come together that often and myself and his fiance didn't grow up that way. If something like this where happening to me I would want my family involved. She is hoping once he has the full diagnosis and plan of action in place that he will tell us (yeah we aren't suppose to technically know!!!). My husband worked in patient transfer... he's a volunteer firefighter in our community and he has his emergency response certifications. He has an acute understanding on what chemo and radiation if needed will do to his brother and he's worried... we are all very worried. And somehow living in the middle world before complete diagnosis and treatment starts... but so far doctors are saying it's treatable but I can't help but think they'd all say that at this point in the fight.

I realize life can't stop and we have to keep going 1 day at a time, 1 foot in front of the other and just keep making sure that BIL and future SIL know we are here if they need us.


Mommy In Waiting said...

My prayers are with you and your family. Your BIL's fiance is very blessed to have you. Keep us posted!

malinda said...

that is very kind of you to say.. thank you!