Friday, November 27

CD 20 - 6th visit w/Wandy - 21mm!!!

OMG finally... 21mm!!!

I strongly believe that the acupuncture from Tuesday got things moving at a much better rate. Had I kept on growing at 1 mm (or less) a day I'd only be at 18mm... I'll take needles over early morning bloodwork and ultrasounds any day.

If we don't get our BFP this month I'll be up'ing the acupuncture treatments for sure!

As you can see from my chart... the BD has been in full effect.. my poor husband is tired, we both are, but want this too much to risk not having sex every other day at this point.... You can also see on my chart that based on the ov watch I obviously have not ovulated on CD 18 as it predicted. So if you are using the ov watch (in my opinion)... keep on BD'ing for a 4-5 day period after you get the "O" day. I'm still going to keep using the ov watch because I do like that it gives us a starting point... let's us know the window is opening.

Just got an email from my ND... she can fit me in for acupuncture at 11:30am.. a try to bust the follicle session! Her words not mine but I like the way she thinks. I'm feeling very lucky to have an ND for a friend and that her office is a 2 minute drive from my workplace.

I'm hoping just maybe, finally I'll get the best Christmas wish of all TIME!

Happy Friday everyone!!! And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA! I so wish I was brave enough to shop a black Friday... maybe someday :-)


Mommy In Waiting said...

Great news!! Hope this is your month!!

malinda said...

now that the BD'ing is over I've got everything crossed! :-)