Monday, November 23

another Monday

another Monday another visit with Wandy.

So far bitchy boss lady is keeping to herself and not bugging me. I've gone back to Jan. 1, 09 and actually made note of all the days I was late or stayed later and turns out that the company as it stands right now owes me 6.59 hours. So I'm breathing a sign of relief that I've got that to fall back on. Also have the doctor's note after my appointment Thursday which I'll be keeping to myself until boss lady tried to call that meeting she's threatened me with. Doc felt so bad for me he didn't even charge me for the note! And said... "she could get into a LOT of trouble for doing that... a LOT of trouble!"

So as of today the plan of action is this:

- Continue with cycle monitoring this month (today is CD 16, dominant follicle on left side is at 15mm... so it's poking along slowly... and we'll continue with the BDing every 36-48 hours as suggested for the IF clinic. Looks like I'll be back to see Wandy Wednesday and Friday at this rate.

- If AF shows her ugly head again then I'll be off to the lab for a full blood work... work up between CD 3-5 to check hormone levels etc... in search of PCOS... am I or am I not. I'm honestly so confused by this PCOS stuff because I'm kind on the boarder of the "classic symptoms" and I do have what I believe to be a pretty regular cycle. What does have me kinda excited about this possible diagnosis is that if it is PCOS and I start with a small dose of metformin if could help regulate my body enough to get some weight to start falling off. As hard as I've tried in the past this has always been a huge struggle for me. I can be the most consistent eater and exerciser but still might only loose a couple pounds in 2-3months. Seriously! How disappointing is that?! Doesn't make for a great sense of accomplishment too keep up healthier habits when the scale doesn't give you any love.

- So if metformin is the next step (and whatever else this cycle monitoring shows us) then we're thinking we'll leave the IUIs for Spring/Summer. My husband's job can be a little touch and go during the winter months (marine technician) so we just have to be careful with our money during the winter months. I'm sure if we aren't pregnant come spring we'll be chomping at the bit to get in for an IUI attempt! We are also saving and hoping to take a trip somewhere warm in March or April since we have yet to take a real "go far away" honeymoon.

- Back to the Dr. on Dec. 17th to discuss the PCOS blood work results... if AF shows. yadda yadda yadda... you know the drill

I feel good to still be moving forward with some kind of plan... if this happens we do this or try this or this is the next test we need to complete... or should I say I, I, I?!

I've been keeping up with the kick my ass yoga classes and we're still planning our meals every Sunday for the week ahead (thanks to my husband... he's so good to me). But I do feel sometimes like I'm spinning in circles. working full-time and running my small business can take it's toll... I have a few things I really just wish I could focus on for a full 8 hours at a time and I'd be good as gold and the pressure would lift... but I haven't been able to find my "get shit done and cross it off the list" mojo since all that crap last Monday/Tuesday with the bitchy boss lady. So even though I know her actions are not within my control and I've cried over it and moved on it's still lingering because I'm on pins and needles waiting for the other foot to drop and her to call me into her office for that "meeting with you to discuss the reason for these appointments"... I kinda know she's usually all talk but it's still getting in my way and keeping me from doing the things I need to do. Really hoping I can shake that this week.

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Mommy In Waiting said...

Good luck love! Your boss just makes me so mad. Like this process isn't hard enough without people like her!