Friday, November 6

CD 33 - DPO 19

still no AF and is it just me or has time ground to a haul? in some areas of my life time just flies by but right now the TTC still is running by slower then molasses!

*sigh* I guess someday when our little one is taking a nap and I have somehow managed to find the time to brows through old posts I'll laugh at myself for being in such a "rush" but really baby world... how long does a woman have to wait?!


ttc4toolong said...

***HUGS HUN!***

Anna Davies said...

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All the Best
Anna Davies

p.s. feel free to comment :-)

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I follow you on Twitter and saw your blog. I really hope AF doesn't come. Be postitive and stay strong hon!!

malinda said...

thank you for your support ladies

unfortunately it's onto another cycle... post coming soon