Wednesday, November 4

CD 31 - 16 DPO

so here's where I'm at... still no period but wouldn't necessarily consider myself "late" just yet. I'm pretty regular with a 29-31 day cycle with the odd 34 here and there.

I did test Sunday morning but just used one of my very old tests that I don't entirely trust and it was DPO 13

Everytime my husband and I think about it or I ask him... should I test? We can't make up our minds.... For example last night he asks.. how late where you last time - "42 day cycle" and he says ok... wait till 42 days. There are just so many variables mixed in this month

- crazy long cycle never happens to me of 42 days but still blood test came back BFN
- HSG was done Oct. 8 (maybe that's all I needed was a good clean out to finally get knocked up)
- O day of 15... second month in a row that it's more on par with text book timing
- got really sick last tuesday and just now feeling about 98% better
- no period-ish feelings but maybe that's just because of the HSG?

so what do you think? I'm seriously trying not to think about it and I think part of me likes holding out hope that maybe, just maybe this could finally be it.

to test or not to test? and when???

I refuse to pay anymore for the FF vip stuff or temp because it would be driving
me round the loony bin about now so I've just added the "NF" for my ov watch
results to keep the graph expanding.


Amaprincess said...

After all the insanity I just went through...I say test! It's just so much better to know! Good luck...I'm pulling for you =)

malinda said...

i used one of my cheapo tests from and it was negative this morning but still now AF... and those tests expire 01/2010... I think if I don't get my period by Monday/Tuesday I'll stop by the fertility clinic for a blood test.

Thanks for checking in... I hope neither one of us has to wait too much longer

ttc4toolong said...

I am rooting for you hun! It must be something in the air my last cycle was very cycles are 29-31 days as well but this last cycle lasted 39 days. Now I am on CD2 I am rooting for both of us that we get our BFP's soon!