Wednesday, November 25

brother in law update

Sunday we spend the day with my BIL, his fiance, and my in-laws... it was kinda nice to be together again without so much time between visits. My DH looked after getting all the winter tires on their 2 cars as BIL isn't able to do it and also had a look at the starter that's acting up on one of the cars too.

They now have a diagnosis of hodgkins-lymphoma but are still waiting on the stage and "number" after more tests to follow this week. With possible chemo starting in the next 1 to 2 weeks. Doctors believe the mass on his lungs has been growing for the last 6-7 months making this obviously an aggressive cancer and prompting them to take action and not letting them wait till after the holidays to start treatment. Bone marrow test was monday and I have no idea if they have the results yet but his fiance said it went well... and then he had the gallium injection yesterday, another appointment thrusday and scan is Friday.

It was nice to see my MIL open up a little bit about her feelings of quilt and wonder if this is her fault but she did go on to say she knows it isn't and she also knows this fight will be a private personal battle for her son. She is just so disconnected from her boys and their lives... I don't believe she really knows them, what interests them or how they feel about their parents. She just doesn't take the time to listen and ask questions.

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