Wednesday, November 25

CD 18 - 5th visit w/Wandy - 16mm

only 16mm (was 15mm monday)... back again friday... I'm so tired! My lining is good (think it was 14) but of course if that gets too thick then no implantation.

oh and I got the "new u/s girl" who though my hole should be a little further left and then PUSHED! She says... "is that okay?"

me: "Ah NO you aren't even in the hole" and then I put it where it needed to go... WTF!

so who knows maybe if the other tech had done it my measurement would have been 17 and not 16

RN said... classic PCOS at this point based on the numbers... I'm thinking clomid next month but waiting for head RN for the clinic to review and see what she might suggest at this point if AF shows... she's away at the moment

fasting blood work will happen CD 3-5 on my next cycle.

I'm feeling completely defeated... all this time slow poke follicles... and maybe missing the window even more... today the ov watch says it's ovulation day... AH NO!

so many needles in my tummy yesterday for acupuncture so maybe we'll see a growth spurt come Friday but it certainly hasn't been happening in the last couple of days.