Friday, November 13

is it procrastination or do a need a break?

I just can't seem to get my shit together this week. Yes I'm making it to work and everything but my productivity is at an all time lowwwww..... Usually I'm really good at getting things crossed of my list but sometimes it just feels like there is so much on it I couldn't possibly get it all done or at the very least put a dent in it. I think that comes from working full-time and trying to keep up with the demands of running my small business... sometimes it's busy and sometimes it isn't. Right now it's busy! I'm grateful! It's allowing me to go on a little shopping holiday with my step mom, step aunt and friend this weekend. But when I get back.. full steam ahead with what is left of the year... there is still time to get photo shoots in and orders to print and books and websites designed and launched... I have to keep on top of these things to keep my clients happy and keep me moving towards the goal of baby... mat leave... and full time self employment again.

I hope you have something planned to help you recharge your batteries as we take on the holiday season. This weekend I'm crossing Christmas shopping off my list :-)

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