Thursday, January 21

CD 15 & FD 2

So finally the ov watch gave me a fertility day 1 yesterday. I'm not sure how accurate the watch is with clomid added into the mix this cycle but at least we know the window should be open.

I've decided I'm not going to buy anymore sensors for the watch right now. Maybe, just maybe this cycle will finally be the one and I won't need them or regret not ordering more. I just can't bring myself to spent the extra money on them considering I've used them already for 6 cycles, this 1 being my 6th.

I know I do ovulate, just later then I should, my cycle is generally regular in the 29-34 day mark so if we get down to the BD'ing every other day starting around day 10 until 20 or 21 we'll have hit the window of opportunity. So if we don't finally get pregnant this month then we'll just keep up with the clomid and acupuncture for another 2 cycles before it'll be time to take a month off from clomid (as per doctor's guidance).

I think in my mind I'll be ready as will DH to take the IUI root come Summer in the meantime I'm still holding out hope we'll be able to do this on our own. But as any infertile knows that plan could change in the blink of an eye. I'm going to be 32 in April and who knows how that birthday and the birth of my nephew next month could effect me and where we go next.