Wednesday, January 27


I've had this huge urge to buy this crib this cycle. Not necessarily because I believe this is for sure our cycle but perhaps because it will get my butt in gear to clean out the office/ someday soon nursery.

How much baby stuff have you accumulated to date? Was it forced on you or a purchase you made intentionally?

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Pregnant Yuppy said...

I've only bought some baby clothes and only if they're on sale or really, really cute!

Malinda said...

I have collected a dozen or so pieces for baby over the last couple of years. Cute things at great prices or something unique I might never be able to purchase again.

And superstition has always played a role and when I've bought a cute outfit that's for a boy I'd have to find something very cute and on sale for a girl.

I know... I'm a looser lol