Thursday, January 7

What I hoped for 2009...

This seemed to work fairly well for me in 2009 (not that I actually accomplished all of these things) so I thought I'd give it a go again... something to look back at over the year and keep my hopes in front of me so they don't get lost in the day to day life.

What I hoped for 2009...

... to figure out why we haven't conceived and take steps to make sure we do sooner then later
I feel this this is done for 2009 and I'm in the stage

... to continue my new marketing efforts with my small biz and keep saving for the new camera body and macbook I want to add to my equipment.
I've crossed macbook off the list... ahead this year... new camera body and some lenses

... to keep up with my yoga practice at home as well as the two classes/week
In class pretty good but at home.. not so much

... to make a daily walk with Daytona just part of my routine
my poor dog... he get's moments of awesome but a routine never lasts for very long. somehow he still loves us

... to read and finish the book on procrastination I rec'd from my sweet husband
nope... Imagine that... a procrastinator not being able to finish a book about procrastination

... do the work involved in completing "Fast Track Photographer" and do it well as to make the most of what is left of the year.
no... but feeling that the regular/weekly meetings with 3 other small business women has been a major help in keeping me moving forward in my business to the day I can walk away from being and employee

... to arrive to work on time, make that before 8:30 not at 8:30
Done... could always better but overall I solid effort continues

... to continue planning our weekly dinners/lunches, shopping with a list for the week ahead and eating dinner at the table with my most awesome husband
I have to give my husband credit for this one... he makes the dinner list every sunday morning and by 10am or earlier we're heading out to get the groceries. this is followed by laundry, a nap or tv, him making dinner and then more chill-axing at night.

... do my bookkeeping for 2009 to date... I refuse to left another year pass without getting a hold of this and rushing to get it all done 2 weeks before the deadline! I've set my iCal to have the first 1/2 of '09 done by June 30.
OMG... I am actually done my 2009 bookkeeping! I finished it up over the holidays and have finally found something that is allowing me to easily keep on top of it.. thank you F.reshbooks!

Original post and April 2009 (revisit of hopes for 2009)

Tomorrow - 2010's hopes


Amaprincess said...

Here's to a fantastic 2010!!! I hope you accomplish all you are set out to!

malinda said...

thank you! i hope 2010 brings us both what we want more then anything else