Wednesday, January 27

clomid and CD 21 blood work

jumped over to the fertility clinic for my 21 day blood work before heading to work

she did it for me thankfully but she (the head RN for the very small clinic) was all "if i where you I'd be doing a cycle monitoring at the same time as clomid cause you just don't know what the clomid is doing and you can only use it so many times" and she proceeded to say that I should have had my progesterone checked on CD 28 not CD 21 like Dr. Will had said because when I had my cycle monitored I o'd on CD 21 (info I told her)... ummm HELLO! why are you contradicting what the doctor recommended. AND why are you pushing me to do a cycle monitoring after I've clearly just told you the stress of being late for work repeatedly is too much for me because I've got a crazy bitch for a boss.

wouldn't he want the blood work for cd 21 because he wants me to ovulate earlier in order to get pregnant??!!! duh

mildly irritated with that place this morning. she was rambling on about all this without even looking at my file... nor did she bother to return my call yesterday to say yes she'd be in the office in the a.m. and I could come in for blood work there instead of another lab.

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Anonymous said...

My RE told me to go at 7DPO (knowing that I chart and I know when 7 DPO is). However, the lab tech should have simply asked you in a sweet and polite voice if you are on CD 21 and then proceeded to do her job without editorialising! What a way to start your day!