Tuesday, January 19

Daytona Tuesday

So mr. crazy here was being his playful self and managed to tear one of his pads on the weekend... we've been trying to keep him from playing too crazy. He doesn't favor it or limp... it's the pad that's up higher on his paw. He didn't even make a sound when he did it... wasn't until he gave his paw to DH for a cookie and DH had blood on his hand that we knew he had done it.

Really hoping it heals without any complications.


Anonymous said...

aww poor baby. hope he heals quickly!

Malinda said...

it seems to be healing up ok and he's very good at keeping it clean now that we've left the wrap off of it.

he's our baby boy and we worry about him something terrible.

Krissi said...

He is beautiful! What a cute pic! Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!