Thursday, January 28


This clinic called this morning with the results... 43.3 and RN told me anything over 30 was good so I've definatly ovulated!

I'm not surprised as I've always figured I did (just happens it was later then it really should be) but what is great (from my understanding) is that when I did do the cycle monitoring in Nov. I o'd on cd 21.... so obviously I o'd earlier because of my progesterone level yesterday.

Am I on the right thought path here?

Thinking we'll stick with the clomid for another 2 cycles if required and then a month off as ordered by doctor. Then we'll see what direction doc would recommend. IUI? Who knows !

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Fertility Chick said...

Yay for ovulating!

Thinking about you - my fingers are crossed!

Malinda said...

thank you! trying to stay positive and hopeful