Saturday, January 9

Clomid - Round 1 of ? (1 please/hopefully)

Popped my first clomid tonight. Also will be using my last ov watch sensor. Undecided at the moment if I'll be purchasing anymore for now though.

So last night after work when I want to pick up said clomid this young guy "pharm. assistant" grabs it from the drawer and says something about "that'll be $120...." ahhh excuse me? For 1 month?

The pharmacy completed the scrip for the full 3 months... I was so irritated... I know it's not really their fault blah blah blah but I told another person the night before when I dropped the script off that I wanted 1 MONTH... 1! They must be familiar with clomid no? and what it's used for.. yes/no? And that no person would want to walk out with a 3 month supply... that the doctor could change the dose? NO? do I just live in a community who's elderly population has overrun the pharmacies and they're oblivious to anything the rest of the population might be needing?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. That's frustrating! I don't know much about clomid. Did the person you talked to the night before say you could get it one month at a time?

Anonymous said...

I hope they got it sorted out. They really should know better.

Minna said...

I waited while the pharmacist put together a single months supply.

I had told the other women the night before when I dropped it off I just want 1 month... not all three as the script shows.. just 1!

I guess it went over here head.

It was just 1 little thing that just poked at me... no one wants to have to take clomid or explain their fertility to someone that has no clue so just got me going.