Tuesday, June 13

Day 1

Weight: 198.8
Resting Heart Rate: beats/minute: I'll try to remember to check in the morning

I'm undecided about posting pictures but it does make things more interesting overall.

Neck - 14.5
Bust - 45.5
Waist - 40
Hips - 46.5

L Thigh - 25
R Thigh - 24.5

L Bicep - 14
R Bicep - 14

Foods Eaten
Nature Valley granola Bars (2 pcs.) - 2pts. (oops, actually 5pts.)

Chicken Caesar salad - 4pts.
Burger w/cheese - 6pts (went a little overboard with lunch)
2 cups of Veggies with dip - 2pts.


2 cups of whole wheat pasta w/olive oil & spice - 18pts.

Water - 96 fl.oz. (recommended water intake 99.4 fl.oz.)

Total Points: 35pts (allowed 24 - 11/35 allowance used)

WW gives you 35 points each week on top of your daily point allowance

1 comment:

irish_robbie said...

Well HEllo there Turbo Mina!!!
I Love your blog and I hope you keep going with it! For me, keeping myself accountable on the blog was a HUGE thing and I am convinced that it has been a big part of the success I've felt over the last 300+ days!

You live NORTH of Toronto? How far north?? I grew up in Caledon!
So how about a little road trip for a Saturday Turbo Kick class!!!?????

Free passes to class! All you gotta do is get yourself here! email me!


I can give you all the details!!!
Congrats on setting a plan for yourself!!! I can't wait to see what's next for ya!!!