Monday, June 19

Day 5 - Saturday June 17

Last night I over indulged on 3 of my 2 pt. frozen yogurt pops. Knocked the points off my the extra allowance for the week. I was so board and just couldn't sit still. My husband was working his last day of nights and I couldn't wait to share the weekend with him. Eventually fell asleep on the couch watching a movie and then he finally came home around 2am.

Foods Eaten
Banana - 2 pts

NV PB bar (2) - 5 pt

picnic lunch - bread, meat, cheese, veggies, dip & fruit - 6pts

BBQ - chicken thighs - 6pts
Greek Salad - 9pts

Water - 64 fl.oz. of 99.4

Total Points:
28pts (allowed 24/day - 30/35 weekly allowance used)

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