Monday, June 19

Day 6 - Happy Father's Day!

Today was cheat meal day. We where visiting my dad and step mom and where heading to a family gathering late afternoon. I will say I was more controlled that I have been in the past at one of these family gatherings. I love going to visit my 'step' aunt and uncle we have so much fun, lots of laughter, good music and company and of course food lots and lots of food. It was a bbq and not only did we have chicken but also on the grill was steak and sausage. We had roasted vegetables, a pasta salad, greek salad, and another spinach salad mixture with an olive oil dressing. And after dinner was done came of course dessert....... a variety of deserts 4 to be exact. So how well did I do?? Not bad. I over did it a bight with the smoked/salty almonds. But here's a break down.

Foods Eaten
10:30am - green tea

4:00pm - almonds, 2 scoops of the tortilla dip

6:00pm - roasted vegetables, 3oz. chicken, 3oz. steak, 2 helpings of salads, 1/2 cup pasta salad

8:30pm - dessert - half a piece of black forest cake, a piece of the pistachia version of sex in a pan

11:45pm - another piece of pistachio dessert

Water - 100fl.oz. of 99.4
I was drinking water like crazy and nothing else. Usually I'd have wine but I decided to stick to the water, 1. I was driving home and 2. I didn't need the extra sugar. I was saving that for dessert!

Total Points:
??pts (no idea nor do I want to know - I think I can write off the balance of weekly allowance pts) (allowed 24/day - 35/35 weekly allowance used)

Then is was the drive home. A 2 hour drive home. We crawled into bed around mid-night finally. I'm sure it will catch up to us later in the week. But it was worth it to see everyone and watch our wedding video too with our extended family. So much fun to see almost a month after the big day. :-)

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