Tuesday, June 13

Okay enough is enough I've had it with this weight stuff and I can't keep telling myself this is okay. There is so much I want for my future and life that being heavier is going to get in the way off. So today slowly but surely I'm going to make the changes and build on small life changes in order to finally become the person, the woman that I want to be. Healthy, active and full of energy to share with those around me.

I can't set a number in terms of weight loss I think my body will tell me when I've made it to my goal weight. I'm currently 198.8 lbs. I've already tried just about everything under the sun and mentally I know I have all the tools for success I just need to put those tools to work for me. Every time I've tried to loose weight before I throw myself at it full force and ultimately I can't keep up the pace I set for myself and within 6 weeks I've fallen off the wagon. I have a number of beachbody.com products. P90, Slim in 6, Power Half Hour, and most recently Turbo Jam (which I love). I love it and when I was sticking with it I saw inches lost in minimal time but well my husband and I just got married the end of May and planning the big day pretty much took over my life. I've always thought in the past oh this would be the perfect incentive, or this, or my wedding day and no, no, no! It never works. It never keeps me going long enough to feel like I've succeeded. So what are my plans to take off the weight?

For now....

Exercise: First things first, Turbo Jam. I really did love these DVD's when I first received them and I know if I start small I can build on it. So today I will commit to doing a Turbo Jam workout at least 3 days out of the week. And the other 3 will be 20 minute weight programs as outlined on sparkpeople.com for me.

Food: I'm going to allow myself one cheat meal a week. (I got this tool from Weight Watchers) And I'm going to stick with the point system, again from WW. I've tried to follow my eating using fitday.com and sparkpeople.com and it becomes a chore, even sitting at a computer all day you'd think I'd enjoy the distraction from work but nope never seem to be able to keep it up. I think the point system keeps things pretty simple and keeps me aware of just how much food I'm putting in my mouth.

So why?
Well I'll elaborate on that further in another post. And I'll also post my measurements later too. I have also learned in the past that inches lost makes you feel a thousand times better then the number on the scale some days.

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