Thursday, June 15

Day 3

Foods Eaten
Nature Valley granola Bars (2 pcs.) - 5pts.
Small Plum - 1 pt

7 grain curry cold salad - 5pts
ww crackers - 2pts
Veggie + dip - 2 pts

Curried chicken and rice - 11pts

Veggie + dip - 2 pts

Frozen Yogurt pop - 2pts

Water - 94fl.oz. of 99.4

Total Points:
30pts (allowed 24/day - 22/35 weekly allowance used)

It's amazing how much you can eat in a day....yikes!!! It all adds up without thinking about it. I've noticed over the last couple of days all the times I wanted to grab something else to eat. I know I'm an emotional eater. I'll eat when I'm sad, happy, board....and the list goes on. Being conscience of what I put in my mouth I think is my biggest struggle. And making sure I don't grab a chocolate bar to reward myself for loosing the first 5 lbs (when that day comes, shortly I hope! lol) that I haven't succeeded in changing my thinking and thus my health.

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